A white square pin with words: SURF camp and a sideview of a surfboard.

SURFING + CAMP + Pin = something you don't need, but should have.

YOU DON'T NEED THIS.  It's square, dorky, utterly useless, not to be seen on any surfer of any distinction.  So why, you may ask?  We had the graphic design, there was a special offer on pins, we whipped out the credit card and now we're stuck with a bag of these puppies.  And that's why YOU NEED ONE, TOO!

USES:  Poking balloons and thought bubble dreams with the pin.  Can't really think of anything else.  We've put them on some gear bags, but can hear the chuckles in the background.  But hey, chart your own path, but a leader, get a Surf Camp pin and find a use.  Give one to your surf yoga teacher, they have all kinds of weird stuff anyway. 

LIFE CHANGING ?:  Possibly.  But most likely drawer filler for many.

CHANGE OF MIND:  We're starting to like these, maybe we won't offer them at all.  They're growing on us just sitting here on the studio desk.  I mean what if some truly weird person with a popular Instagram buys one and everybody thinks they are associated with some strange IG subculture.  Getting nervous.

Somewhat Faithfully Submitted,