The Matthews Group (TMG) is a full-service, multi-disciplinary ad agency, marketing, design and creative firm owned by Drew Matthews that sits safely ensconced in its own 10,000sf studio with cyclorama soundstage, prop shop, other assorted stuff and now its own retail design store experience (or lack of, depending on your viewpoint).

TMG is known as the destination 'where creativity lives' in both reality and spirit.  Design and creativity in all its forms and all its disciplines, both tangible and intangible, across a broad range of mediums has molded the TMG persona into a uniquely one-of-a-kind destination.  Understandably that destination may only be for a handful of deeply curious and way esoteric taste.

Serving unique clients in many sectors has led to the experience that now allows the firm to confidently express its creativity on a wide range of projects.

TMG, in addition to serving their clients, has taken there creativity and applied it to brand projects of their own design and making.  The front of the studio is open to the small cadre' of curious and design loving customers brave enough to cross the threshold.

TMG Studio Store has several items designed for sale to the connoisseur of the curious and creative with a bespoke range of items from eclectic to classic, functional to artistic including some unique found treasure finds from the TMG team.

Well used, nay broken down, couches offer a place to ponder the wonders that surround those that make the journey.  A pool, foosball and pingpong table that barely work give welcome respite to the riggers of the normal outside world.

Those with a taste for design will find a comfortable place to find what needs to be found.

The TMG Studio Store is located in Bryan, Texas off the beaten path in a funky, (some would say dangerous and sketchy) 'undiscovered' industrial area safely away from the trendy world of 'curated', 'crafted', 'maker', 'forged', 'heritage', 'small batch' and all other goofy hallmarks of the 'bespoke' affected (or anything requiring slow motion video, gap filled voice overs invoking the word 'dream' and closeups of fingers ceremoniously getting dirty while making stuff 'proudly' with branded names like 'Stuff & Stuff' or 'Cool & Cooler, 'PIne & Pork' sporting crossed axe logos).  We are different.  We make things in America because we are in America (well, at least since our direct ancestor's arrived here in the 1600's) and our country gives us unbridled freedom to achieve and to fail, but we see and celebrate great design as a worldly, universal hallmark that transcends borders and nationalities. We hold no location bias and embrace cool stuff made the world over. 

The soundstage building is purposely largely unmarked to discourage the uninitiated. Over thirty years in design and 25,000 projects allows TMG to safely separate the design wheat from chaff. TMG Studio Store caters to those with a sense of design and isn't afraid to make fun of itself or products we have designed with the irony built in.

The TMG Studio Store design team embraces the disciplines of graphic design, film and video production, photography, architecture, interior design, events and much more to make the products and visits unique if not worthwhile.

1% for the Planet - We joined 1% for the Planet because they shared our commitment to the environment.  A portion of every dollar we make every day benefits the planet whether we are making a profit or not.  It is our way to pay rent to the planet we love for the benefits we derive everyday.