Orange click pens inscribed with: film crew, MOS click set pen.
MOS  (Mit-Out-Sound).  If you are like us, there is a sort of giddy excitement when you are on an MOS shoot.  No pesky audio department saying your best take was busted by a passing gnat or train whistle 8 miles away.  In fact, you are free to cough, kick dirt, drop stuff, slurp your slurpee and a host of other unacceptable things on a sound set.  That's why we came out with the The Matthews Group, Official FilmCrew MOS 'Click' Set Pen.  Yes, it is the original Bic Clic, because no other sound would do when you want the authentic 'Click' of an ink pen.  
Here's the good news:
• It's magic hour, sunset ORANGE.  Chuck full of positive vibes and good energy.
•  Navy Blue ink.  None of that mamby pamby black ink, just pure unadultarated deep navy blue.  The way it should be.
•  Miles of ink.  This puppy comes fully loaded.  Grab a golf cart from the producer, click your pen into go mode and drive for miles as you lay down a gnarly perfect thin blue line from here to eternity.
•  Many pieces.  This pen has a top, a bottom, a thin ring like middle thing, a spring, a pocket clip and much, much more to get lost if you take it apart.
•  Many uses.  We highly recommend putting the bottom of the pen to use a a spit ball blow gun.  You never know when the special effects department will need help wrangling a little something else to make a shot special.  You might even save the shot by shooting a fly off a talent's head before the director sees it.
Graphic Perfection.  Like all things hatched at the TMG World Brain Trust of Cool Graphic Design, we labored over the leading, the kerning, the color, the composition and more things we've already forgotten.
Cool Factor:  this pen has it all, and most importantly it is cool.  You will look good, write good, walk tall and create harmonic convergence level, karma inducing high quality video when this rascal is in your possession. 
By them by the handful so everybody is on the same page.
Thank you for being cool,