Stickers with numbers: 3, 4, 5 done in a artistic design.

Number of Importance Sticker

DETAILS:  More photo than graphic design (though cleaned up in the Photoshop washer just a tad), this masterpiece is actually a photo of a stencil project our fearless creative director was working on that yielded a cacophony of paint on the stencil chipboard.  He liked it, snapped an iPhone pic, and now it can be yours.

USES:  Perfect on video equipment, Pelican and Apache cases.  Possible oversize non-sterile bandage, but to be honest we prefer gaffer's tape for that.   We'll report back on other uses as we find them.

DIMENSIONS:  A robust 7 1/8"W X 3" H  Absolutely, scientifically perfect for 87.4% of applications according to the bureau.

NUMEROLOGY:  Seriously, we don't believe in that (or do we?), BUT for you that do, it is said that '345' can make you more creative, if not imbue you with special powers of your own choosing - like how to thump watermelons in the grocery store to see if they are ripe.

BUY THEM IN LARGE QUANTITIES:  You need this.  Actually, you need a LOT of these.

Thank you for being cool,