'345' Number of Importance Sticker

Number of Importance Sticker

DETAILS:  More photo than graphic design (though cleaned up in the Photoshop washer just a tad), this masterpiece is actually a photo of a stencil project our fearless creative director was working on that yielded a cacophony of paint on the stencil chipboard.  He liked it, snapped an iPhone pic, and now it can be yours.

USES:  Perfect on video equipment Pelican and Apache cases.  Possible oversize non-sterile bandage, but to be honest we prefer gaffer's tape for that.   We'll report back on other uses as we find them.

DIMENSIONS:  A robust 7 1/8"W X 3" H  Absolutely, scientifically perfect for 87.4% of applications according to the bureau.

NUMEROLOGY:  Seriously, we don't believe in that junk, BUT for you that do, it is said that '345' can make you more creative, if not imbue you with special powers of your own choosing - like how to thump watermelons in the grocery store to see if they are ripe.

BUY THEM IN LARGE QUANTITIES:  You need this.  Actually, you need a LOT of these.

Thank you for being cool,