TMG Pro-13M Studio Standard Guitar Pick
TMG Pro-13M Studio Standard Guitar Pick TMG Pro-13M Studio Standard Guitar Pick


When we all pile into the studio for an ethereal tone track creation session, we make sure that have a pocket full of our un-patented TMG PRO-13M STUDIO STANDARD PICKS.
These picks were created to take that whacky, tinny penny picking sound out of the string contact and replace it with a dead-on accurate contact that engages early and blends out fast with just the right amount of arch.  
We grew up on Fender tortoiseshell mediums and still have a small shrine set up to pay homage to their greatness.  But, now we have graduated to big-boy/girl pants and are ready for the real deal.  In this case, the PRO-13M.  These tasty little Delrin numbers were custom created for us by our friends at Clayton, and we owe them a big shout out for making these beauties.
The letter M is the 13th letter of the alphabet and represents the solid middle ground of alphabetical greatness, hence the name.  The picks are the right PMS color and can set up a harmonic convergence of between your brain and the string to create music magic.

We guarantee you will:

• Skateboard better.
• Play ukulele like a tourist.
• Try unsuccessfully to unscrew the tripod mount on your camera.
• Impress your friends and parole officer.
• Be downgraded to coach seating when not filing private.

Faithfully submitted,