Surf Guitar Pick
Surf Guitar Pick Surf Guitar Pick Surf Guitar Pick Surf Guitar Pick

Surf Guitar Pick
(guitar, apparatus of picking)

We're partial to Fender Mustangs, Jaguars, JagStangs and other off the beaten path tone axes.  But we do like to hang out with the Gibson Les Paul and SG gang on occasion.  And, for those that were weened on Fender Stratocasters...well, we all have to start somewhere.  When the mood turns to the Martin masters and mountain music banjo slappers, we're right there with you.
But, back to the pick.  We grew up on Fender tortoise shell mediums rattling around  with assorted loose change in our Levi bell bottoms.  Today, we wanted something with a little more gravitas, but still infused with the cool that comes with the Fender pick.  That's why we teamed up with the wizards of pickdom over at Clayton Custom for some of their tasty Delrin string strumming magic.
Since we are obsessed with good design, we sweated the leading, kerning pairs, balance, proportion, color and general overall vibe of our creation for darn near 5 minutes before slapping our logo onto these puppies and placing an order.
We ordered them for ourselves but received a lifetime supply, and now you can share in the largess by ordering one of these beyond cool masterpieces for yourself.

We guarantee you will:

•  Play up to 5X faster.
•  Be offered more gigs.
•  Look cool playing air guitar.
•  Impress your friends and alarm your enemies.
•  Achieve nirvana (not the band... Ok, maybe the band).
•  Want to order several for your friends and also teach your cat to play guitar by duct taping a pick to their paw.
•  Try and use the pick with as little success as a screwdriver.
•  Discover they are wonderfully effective between teeth burrito extractors.
•  Never be without a convenient windshield ice scraper.
•  Have a replacement for missing piece on Monopoly game.
•  Look cool with them lined up in the pick holder on your mic stand.
•  Play better, longer and with greater precision than when you are not playing at all.
•  Find exactly ZERO professional musicians (that we know of) using our picks.
•  Appreciate that they are overpriced...yet, grossly undervalued.  
•  Collect them all and probably lose them all.
•  Find them useful for camping, playing air guitar, a nice touch when left in the cup holders of your Land Rover and the perfect last minute gift for Valentine's day.
• After reading this you will likely achieve a sense of meditative calm or uncontrollable snorts and giggles.
Seriously, these picks are the best thing since sliced bread (not the band).
Faithfully submitted,